Unsmearable: One Way Ben Carson is Beating the Odds

I’ve been enjoying the political spectacle that is the 2016 Presidential Race. I love the fact that so many non-establishment candidates are going strong and challenging the way we view politics and government as a whole. From Donald Trump’s brash and unapologetic posturing to Carly Fiorina’s passionate and provocative appeal to Ted Cruz’s Constitutional, Tea Party principles to Bernie Sanders’ sanctioning of Socialism, it’s refreshing and fun to participate in discourse that forces all of us to put our thinking caps on.

As of now, the candidate I am most impressed with is Dr. Ben Carson (though I am in line with Rand Paul’s worldview more closely and think Ted Cruz would make a better president). His story is fascinating, and he seems Coolidge-esque in wanting to simply follow the Constitution and restore freedom to the people.

There are likely more, but here are eleven simple compliments that Americans, regardless of their political beliefs, must give the neurosurgeon from Detroit:

  1. Ben Carson is a great doctor.
  2. Ben Carson is a kind-hearted and charitable man.
  3. Ben Carson lived the American dream.
  4. Ben Carson is honest and unafraid to speak his mind.
  5. Ben Carson is thoughtful.
  6. Ben Carson is humble.
  7. Ben Carson loves America.
  8. Ben Carson supports the Constitution.
  9. Ben Carson is principled.
  10. Ben Carson is not a typical politician.
  11. Ben Carson has raised a wonderful family.

Is there another presidential candidate out there who can garnish that many positive comments from every reasonable person in America (maybe even the whole world)?

It has been a daunting task for the left, Hollywood, and the mainstream media to vilify Dr. Carson, but they have certainly been making an effort. Let’s take a look at a few of their attempts:

Dr. Ben Carson Would Not Vote for Sharia Law

During an NBC interview, Ben Carson was asked whether or not he would support a Muslim candidate for president. He firmly said no. Immediately afterwards, Carson was being called Islamaphobic, and even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar questioned Carson’s understanding of the Constitution.

What was not publicized by the mainstream or social media was Carson’s response to a follow-up question about supporting a Muslim for Congress:

“Congress is a different story, but it depends on who that Muslim is and what their policies are, just as it depends on what anybody else says, you know. And, you know, if there’s somebody who’s of any faith, but they say things, and their life has been consistent with things that will elevate this nation and make it possible for everybody to succeed, and bring peace and harmony, then I’m with them.”

Carson further clarified his feelings in a ridiculous interview on CNN, and also made it clear that “if there is a devout Christian who is running and they refuse to reject the ideals of our Constitution, or they want to establish a theocracy, I cannot advocate for them.” Basically, if you think that drawing Mohammed is criminal, you don’t get Dr. Carson’s vote (mine neither).

There are three things that I have to touch upon here. The first is that Kareem is wrong. You are allowed to consider a candidate’s religion when you cast your vote. You can consider his favorite NBA team too. We all get to vote once for whomever we’d like to—period. Ben Carson said nothing in the vicinity of making it illegal for Muslims to run for office. He simply enacted his First Amendment right to free speech.

And by the way, how many Liberals refused to give Mitt Romney the time of day in 2012 simply for being a Mormon? Can you imagine if they were asked to apologize? I was a Liberal at the time, and I wouldn’t have voted for a president of that faith.

Secondly (and ironically), Ben Carson made another interesting statement earlier on in the initial interview when asked about being criticized for allegedly having little to say about specific policies:

“I would say, ‘Listen to what I actually say when I have an opportunity to say it in something other than a one-minute sound bite.’ That’s a format that I have to grow accustomed to. That’s not the world that I’ve lived in. But a time will come, down the road, where I’ll be able to adjust to that appropriately.”

In the Twitter era, we have grown accustomed to expecting each other to be able to express our beliefs in just a handful of words and emoticons. Ben Carson, on the other hand, is a fucking brain surgeon! Though it would be nice if he could find a way to more effectively communicate with our technologically simplified minds, I really wish we would learn to think things through again instead. Having read Dr. Carson’s fantastic book One Nation, I can personally vouch for the complexity of thought this man brings to the table. But don’t take it from me (and please don’t take it from the media); check it out for yourself, or have the humility to admit you don’t know what you’re talking about.

The last thing I have to say on this is that Ben Carson’s campaign fundraising surged after this “controversy” took place. The Good Doctor is resonating with grassroots, principled Americans, and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Dr. Ben Carson Thinks People Should Fight to Survive

After the recent tragedy in Oregon, Ben Carson had the audacity to claim that he would not passively accept fire from a crazed gunman. He, in his off-the-cuff manner, said he would attack the gunman and encourage those around him to follow his charge.

Out of sheer desperation, Carson’s opposition called him stupid for taking this stance. He was laughed at and dismissed before his antagonists even had time to think about what he was saying.

Let’s think about it. Imagine we were sitting in a classroom, and a lunatic shooter strolled in. I think it’s fairly safe to say that there is a good chance that a few of us are not going to make it out of that situation alive. So what should we do? Do we reason with him? Do we beg for our lives? Do we follow his orders and hope someone else gets killed?

How about we get out of our seats, snatch anything that resembles a weapon, gnash our teeth, and go Walking Dead on his ass?

Have we become so pussified as a people that we think we are unable to defend ourselves? Have we forgotten that we are several-hundred-pound apes? The heroes who rescued an entire train full of people in France were unarmed, and there were only a handful of them. Imagine what a classroom full of teenagers could do?

I’m not saying that Ben Carson’s plan is perfect or even the most efficient means of surviving in that kind of a situation. But to smugly laugh it off without offering a better idea is just stupid.

Dr. Ben Carson is Religious

It is true that Dr. Ben Carson does not believe in evolution, and likely believes the Earth is closer to brand-spanking new than 4.5 billion years old.

So what?

I skim through the Constitution from time to time, and I have yet to see the clause that gives the president the authority to abolish scientific theories he disagrees with. The President does not decide how human life came into being. His job is to follow the Constitution. That’s it. As alluded to earlier, Ben Carson says the Constitution comes first.

Dr. Ben Carson Believes Straight People Can Become Gay

Many laid Ben Carson’s campaign to rest when he claimed that homosexuality is a choice by citing the occurrence of same-sex intercourse in prison. This was called homophobic and bigoted and whatever.

The truth is, Ben Carson is right (on some level anyway). While plenty of people are clearly born with homosexual tendencies, there is no doubt that others either choose to be gay or start batting for the other team for some reason at some point. Sexuality is fluid. You remember the guy that used to make fun of everyone who dated a heavyset chick? Well, does he only date supermodels now? I didn’t think so.

To this point, there is but one potential smear left. It’s a disgusting attempt to derail Ben Carson’s campaign and to avoid actually debating the issues with him. I had known it was coming for a long time, but I finally heard it on a legitimate platform recently.

During an episode of Overtime, the post-show after Real Time with Bill Maher, the first write-in question presented to the panel was about Ben Carson’s rise in the polls. After a few guests weighed in with nothing that even resembled a policy critique, Linda Chavez oinked “I think that there is a real desire in the Republican Party to have a Black Republican, and I think that’s what drives it.”

That someone would say something so vicious was a forgone conclusion from the get-go. The Democrats, who do little aside from talking about how woeful the lives of minorities are, have the most boring, pasty-white, career-politician presidential candidates the world has ever seen. None of them have experience in the real world, and they do not understand the concept of dealing with adversity. And when you look boring and out of touch, projecting your flaws onto your opponents is a solid strategy.

Race is the only smear left. When you can’t attack a person for his opinions because you don’t listen to them, and you can’t drum up his scandals because he has none, you, as a desperate smear-artist, must attack the only thing you have left to think of: his genetics.

If you don’t like Ben Carson’s flat tax proposal, fine. Debate it. If you’re not a fan of Health Savings Accounts, fine. Explain why your idea is better. But if you are so pathetically racist that you can’t see past a man’s complexion, you have discovered that Ben Carson is smear-proof by smearing yourself.

Unsmearable: One Way Ben Carson is Beating the Odds

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