Why I’ll Take Clinton Over Sanders

I don’t have anything nice to say about Hillary Clinton. She’s a flip-flopper, a liar, arrogant, divisive, and a phony. What she says her policies are doesn’t matter because she’s just another establishment politician without a moral foundation, and she’ll do whatever she has to do to secure her job through 2024. Her goal is to become president, and stay president.

I actually do have some nice things to say about Bernie Sanders. He’s passionate, sincere, unfiltered, consistent, and seems like a cool guy. And his policies do matter. He’ll do everything in his power to fulfill his campaign promises if he becomes president, and he has a strong moral foundation. His goal is to revolutionize the United States of America, and he seems willing to sacrifice himself to do so.

This is exactly why I’d rather see Hillary Clinton become president than Bernie Sanders.

If Hillary gets in, most Americans will continue to dislike and distrust the government. This is good. Central government is inefficient and dishonest, and it undermines Liberty. Our country was essentially founded on that fact. The Constitution does not list limits to our freedoms, but rather limits to the government’s powers. The Founders of our country were not interested in deputizing the government to organize and manage the population. Instead, they stated that the essential function of our government is to protect our rights to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. And if we have an [insert expletive] like Hillary Clinton for president, more and more of us will realize the beauty of America’s founding principles.

If Bernie gets in, the majority of country will increase their worship of and dependence upon the government. When the government becomes our daddy and is responsible for putting roofs over our heads, food on our tables, and us through school, we have a major problem. A paternalistic, authoritarian, Socialist government will lead to the end of Independence and Liberty. In the same way that your dad doesn’t let you stay out past midnight because he knows what’s best for you, and you listen because you love him, the government will eventually incur fatherly respect, and we will do as it says. While there’s no one in the world who appreciates a strict, disciplinary, and involved father more than I do, I do not see the government as a viable option to play that role. We are supposed to mature past childhood, not prolong it through government meddling.

Might some of our vitals and statistics like wealth equity and healthcare coverage improve under Sanders? Maybe. But numbers lie, and I don’t want to be treated like one.

America is supposed to be a bastion of freedom. And a free people are wary of government and authority in all its forms. Free people are responsible and accept the consequences of their actions. I’m a free and living man pursuing what I define to be happiness. And that’s why I’ll take the typical shill who reinforces my love of Liberty over the false prophet who will try to make me forget it.

Why I’ll Take Clinton Over Sanders

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