Take #TheYaleUniversityChallenge!

Halloween 2016 may be nearly a full calendar year away, but it’s never too early to plan ahead! So, let’s start spreading the word about #TheYaleUniversityChallenge today!

What is #TheYaleUniversityChallenge all about? It’s a collective effort by the few, ubersmart, educated people in the US to end racazum in America forevzees!

#TheYaleUniversityChallenge was inspired by the brave students of the Silliman College campus at Yale University who stood up to their racazst “master” by shouting over him while he tried to explain himself and demanding he step down from his position. The wife of Silliman College master Nicholas Christakis had sent an e-mail to all Silliman College students suggesting that they refrain from banning racazst Halloween costumes in an effort to expand their intellectual prowess and ability to act like adults. Rather than banning costumes that could be considered guilty of cultarool apppropprishashon, the master’s wife encouraged students to either act like adults by speaking directly to people about why they perceive such costumes to be racazst or to be tolerant and avert their eyes altogether.


Remember, guys, Yale University is not only one of the top universities in America, it’s one of the best in the world. This means that everyone who goes to Yale is smarter than us, and we have to do as they say. Our “common sense”, “life experience”, and “personal goals and values” are racazst! Yale University students are our overlords and moral superiors, and it would be racazst for us not to listen to them. BOW DOWN!

To combat this racazum, we need to band together and take #TheYaleUniversityChallenge!

Here’s how it works! On Halloween 2016, ALL OF US will wake up at 6am and get our running shoes and #TheYaleUniversityChallenge t-shirts on. Then, as one, we will run a mile for each person who has been killed by a racally insansatav Halloween costume. It sounds like a great challenge, but we can do it, guys!

To get the word out, spread the hashtag #TheYaleUniversityChallenge all over social media! If we work together, we can surely end racazum forevzees!

And a special shout out to Missouri University for avoiding maturity, tolerance, open-mindedness, rationality, and critical thinking to get their racazst president to step down from his position because of something somebody else said that had no effect on anyone or anything! Great job, you fucking dweebs! Good luck paying off the loans you took out to “study” sociology! You’re really doing amazing things for society!

Take #TheYaleUniversityChallenge!

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