Trump is a Leftist

The principles of Conservatism have changed my life for the better over the course of the past few years. Though, for the sake of equality and freedom, I am more of a Libertarian in practice and politics, in actuality, my ideals have become almost purely Conservative.

Up until a mere three or four years ago, I had allowed the media, academia, and Hollywood to shield me from ways of thinking that made me uncomfortable. I did not know how to think critically or skeptically, and I was ignorant of concepts such as values, morals, and principles. Fortunately, I have recovered and am extremely excited to vouch for Conservative, Constitutional, and Traditional American values from now until I no longer have the energy to do so.

The 2016 election was supposed to be my redemption. With an all-star cast of eloquently-spoken GOP presidential candidates from Ted Cruz to Rand Paul to Mike Huckabee to Ben Carson and others, true, compassionate, and thoughtful Conservatism was bound to make its case in the public sphere. I was prepared to help in bringing it to the masses.

And along came Donald Trump. Though he has sparked several necessary conversations and debates, Trump is a moral retard with no idea of how Conservatism works. He never uses the words Liberty, Freedom, or Constitution, and is far more concerned with himself than making America great again. To my dismay, Trump has dominated the polls from the get-go and is showing no signs of slowing down. The 2016 election has not been the redemption I had hoped for, but has instead served as my atonement for casting successive votes for Barack Obama.


A comment I often see and hear from Bernie Sanders’ apostles is “if you don’t know what Socialism is, you can’t talk about it”. This comment is unintentionally hypocritical, as most Socialists do not understand Socialism themselves. To understand Socialism, you must consult morality and reason, not science and fantasy. Science is concerned with facts, not sound morals. And fantasy is concerned with hope, not reality.

Socialism is but one way of defining what I will call Leftism. And Leftism is responsible for Communism, Fascism, and Nazism, along with Socialism. The body count Leftism is responsible for over the past century is staggering. The common distinction made between Socialism and Fascism is that Socialism impedes upon economic freedom but grants social freedom while Fascism does the opposite. This is ridiculous. First of all, every Socialist and Fascist society in history has had greatly-limited social and economic freedom. I could go on and on, but I’ll just name a handful of examples. There was no freedom of speech in Nazi Germany and there was no freedom of religion in Mao’s China or Stalin’s Soviet Union. The Nazis socialized the healthcare and auto industries, among many others, and Mao and Stalin had central control over the production of almost everything. As far as more moderate examples go, there are speech codes in many slightly-Socialist European nations which do not exist in our free country, and the burka has been banned in wannabe-Socialist France. The existence of the welfare state across Western Europe goes without saying.

Secondly, there is no difference between Social and Economic freedom. Capitalism, or anti-Leftism, is the philosophy that states that man must be allowed to own private property and engage in voluntary exchange. While the unthinking man interprets ownership as simply being allowed to possess money and physical objects without being obligated to share, ownership stretches far deeper than currency and material goods. Without private property rights, what makes your body your body? What makes your thoughts your thoughts? What makes your beliefs your beliefs? And what makes your decisions your decisions? Bodily autonomy and freedom of speech are as dependent upon private ownership as the right to own your lawnmower. Voluntary exchange is what allows us to give our hearts to those we love, to trade our time for the experiences we cherish, and to donate our money as we see fit. The right to your beliefs is intertwined with the right to your stuff.

Donald Trump, by suggesting he would blatantly violate the Constitution by banning Muslims from entering America, is seeking to join a long line of discrimination and anti-Liberty by Leftist American presidents. During WWII, Progressive Franklin Delano Roosevelt forced Japanese-Americans into internment camps without due process. Before FDR, eugenicist Woodrow Wilson presided over one of the most deliberately segregated White Houses of the past century. Wilson was a strong believer in a kind of scientific dogma that suggests white men are superior to blacks, and government-enforced racial segregation was the way forward. Even old Jimmy Carter dipped his toes in the waters of violating human rights by rounding up Iranians during the hostage crisis in 1979-80.

Were the acts by these men helpful or hurtful to society? There is much subjectivity in “helpful” and “hurtful”, and that is beside the point. Leftists like Trump are consistently the ones who seek to overstep their bounds and impose their personal beliefs, values, and methods of security on the rest of us. When anyone with the title of Conservative or Republican does the same, he is acting as a Leftist as well, and absolutely not in the spirit of Capitalism and Freedom.

While it’s nice to think that the only people susceptible to Leftism are participation-trophy-receiving, spoiled brats from our Marxist Liberal Arts colleges, angry, old, uneducated white men can fall victim to freedom-hating, society-organizing Leftism too. Whether your ideals are more in line with Hitler or Lenin is irrelevant. If you are not joining the fight for blind justice, maximum Liberty, and freedom of thought, you are a Leftist and an enemy of the Greatest Country and Value System the World has Ever Known.

Trump is on the Left. And it’s about time for him to be left behind.

UPDATE: It turns out that the president does have the authority to ban immigration based on religious beliefs. Our Constitutional rights do not apply to non-Americans. It would be Fascist to claim they do.

Trump is a Leftist

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