Some Very Important Questions About Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Contributions

As much as I’d like to say it ain’t so, there is no doubt that our next president may be a Socialist named Bernie Sanders. It bewilders me and turns my stomach in knots, but, unlike Bernie Sanders and his minions, I must acknowledge reality and face the facts; it could actually happen.

Two details about Sanders’ campaign are making me think. The first is that the career political with a BA in political science (and that is all) has raised an insane amount of money through small donations. In the third quarter of campaign season, nearly three quarters of the 74-year old’s 700,000 campaign contributions were valued at $200 or less. That is the most of any candidate, and no one else is even close. Overall, Sanders has raised more total money than every candidate aside from his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Like Barack Obama before them, this election cycle’s Democrats are rolling in the dough.

The other detail making me ponder is that Sanders, like Donald Trump, the other anti-Constitutional, authoritarian candidate, has been particularly vocal about campaign finance reform. Bernie Sanders believes that it is wrong for people to spend their money without the government’s permission or oversight, and wants to ban certain individuals from donating certain amounts of money. In bitter spite of the First Amendment and the Freedoms that come with being an American, Sanders and Trump are seeking to rig the election game in favor of wealth-distribution-crazy politicians who can incur hefty quantities of small donations through welfare bribes and mega-billionaires who can self-finance their strides towards the Oval Office respectively.

So, what’s the big question?

If Bernie Sanders is being funded predominantly by small donors, and if Bernie Sanders is also vying to de-democratize the election process to favor people who want other people’s wealth, is it fair to assume that much of the money Bernie Sanders has accumulated is already-redistributed welfare? Are the people making these donations flaking on their college loan payments to support a president who implies he will eliminate the debt they have voluntarily brought upon themselves?

These are not accusations, but questions. I have no idea how much debt the average Bernie Sanders supporter has. And I have no idea if his donors are welfare recipients.

Regardless, the shamelessness and irresponsibility it would take to throw money that isn’t even yours at a politician is deplorable. A system that allows welfare recipients to participate in the political process this way is broken, and one that may legislate further in this direction is inexcusably corrupt. I hope I’m barking about nothing. But if I’m not, this is a moral catastrophe.

Personally, I am losing faith, but I hope that the American people will wake up and take a stand against radical, totalitarian demagogues like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump before it’s too late. Life is hard, and the world is unforgiving. But that does not mean we should surrender our freedom or our decency to egotists and their false promises. Life and Liberty are ours, and we can do better than this. We have to man up and remember what our country is all about. It’s not about religious freedom or economic freedom; it’s about both!

Some Very Important Questions About Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Contributions

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