Five Reasons Why I’m Rooting for Ted Cruz

Our presidential candidates suck.

With respect to the handful of just-let-it-go-alreadys lingering in the basement of the GOP field, the last (wo)men standing are a lying career-politician whom no one would notice if she had a Y chromosome, a sincerely Marxist demagogue with no respect for Liberty or the Constitution who’s been collecting his salary from taxpayers for four decades and lives in fantasyland, a narcissistic television personality who charms racists and belongs in the private sector, a hawkish and unpredictable centrist with little experience or clear goals of any kind, an amazing doctor/person who would be an absurd choice for Commander-in-Chief with ISIS showing no signs of surrendering anytime soon, and a provocative lawyer with an unappealing personality, some shady history, no friends, and a punchable face.

From a strictly relative standpoint, I like punchy-face. Here’s why:

Rand Paul is Out

Though he hasn’t suspended his campaign officially, the dream of a consistent Libertarian at the head of the Executive Branch remains just that. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Free Market economics, the non-aggression principle, blind justice, and individual Liberty have yet to catch on, but it’s intellectually dishonest to say that the American people are ready for a Liberty-centered society at this juncture.

Ted Cruz is the closest thing to a Libertarian we have left. He explicitly states his desire to reunite “The Reagan Coalition” which would unite William F. Buckley Conservatives, Evangelical Christians, and Libertarians to reestablish a Constitutionally-controlled limited government and return the power that has been progressively stolen by the government to We the People.

There are no perfect presidents or humans, Rand Paul included, so sometimes you just have to take the best you can get. For now, that’s Rafael “Ted” Cruz.

That Constitution Thingy

You remember that document that we were supposed to use to remind the government about our unalienable Rights? Ted Cruz literally had it memorized in high school.

Cruz consistently reinforces the oft-ignored but self-evident fact that our Rights do not come from government, but rather from “our Creator”. Who or what your Creator is is up to you to figure out, but what other people’s Rights are is not. We, as humans, have Rights. And while barbarians, Socialists, psychopaths, and Theocrats may violate them, our Rights can never be taken away in reality. Ted Cruz recognizes this and is unafraid to say so.

While I have my doubts about Cruz’s understanding and respect for the 4th Amendment, he displays consistency in putting the Bill of Rights and a contextual interpretation of the Constitution before his personal beliefs and opinions. This is particularly evident when it comes to the 10th Amendment which empowers the sovereign states and the people to handle matters not explicitly delegated to the federal government by the Constitution itself. Cruz is hammered by Liberals for disapproving of the Supreme Court decision to ban states from making up their own minds on gay marriage, and Conservatives bash Cruz for admitting that the War on Drugs is federal overreach and that drug laws should be determined by the states. Cruz opposes gay marriage and marijuana legalization, but he understands that neither area is the president’s nor the federal government’s business.

Ted Cruz plays by the rules.

No Subsidies, No Problem

Liberals will obviously be appalled to learn that Ted Cruz wants to cut entitlement spending and subsidies for green energy. However, they’ll be happy to learn that Cruz wants to cut corporate welfare and oil subsidies too.

Cruz does not believe the government should play favorites in the energy sector or the overall private sector, and he does not believe the government should be a dependency-causing sugar-daddy to spoil the American people.

The government should not be playing favorites or buying voters. Cronyism is a flagrant undermining of equality and the Democratic process. Ted Cruz gets that.

Ted the Abolitionist and Tea-Partier

If you haven’t been paying attention, Washington D.C. is now the most expensive place to raise a family in America, outpricing New York City in 2015. Our out-of-control government employs nearly 3 million people excluding our men and women in uniform. While Walmart is often heckled for employing a small country’s worth of individuals at depressingly low wages, the feds dole out generous paychecks, benefits, and pensions with dollars confiscated from you and me. At least Walmart creates its own wealth.

To stop our supposed civil servants from acting like our masters, Ted Cruz has ambitiously proposed the elimination of the IRS, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, and Department of Housing and Urban Development. While there is no way he’ll be able to accomplish all of this, it’s possible that a few unconstitutional agencies could be eliminated or at least take massive budget hits.

Furthermore, Ted Cruz is hell-bent on throwing out our loophole-generating tax code (which technically has more words than the Bible), and replacing it with a simple flat tax that an average American can comprehend and use to pay his or her own taxes independently.

Freedom from a tornado of taxation and an army of unnecessary bureaucracies is what the American people need to get our country back on track. Cruz has been the most vocal about that.

Zero Likeability (That’s a Compliment)

The government is not your friend. Your friends are your friends. Your family members are your friends. Your neighbors are your friends. Your dog is your friend. Chocolate is your friend. God is your friend.

The government is a jerk. It kills people, lies to our faces, takes our money, limits our freedom, and is just terrible overall. The government is nice to have in case of major legal disputes, threats from outside the country, and matters that the states and people are truly unable to handle effectively on their own (like building interstate highways, coining money, and addressing pandemic diseases), but other than a handful of other functions, the government should be invisible.

With a charismatic celebri-president like Barack Obama, Donald Trump, or (God forbid) Bernie Sanders, all eyes are on the government, and expectations grow irrationally tall. America is in political turmoil and is polarized at near Civil War levels. If it weren’t for the ominous and persistent presence of Washington, I imagine that this would not be the case. The Cult of Personality is destroying us.

A President Cruz could change all of that. With such an intolerable man at the White House control panel, it’s unlikely that many of us would plead for its assistance. Instead of acting like entitled children, we could get back to worrying about our own lives and make positive changes and developments in our states, communities, families, and ourselves.

By no stretch of the imagination would I like to sit down to spend some quality time with Ted Cruz. But as the Junior Senator said himself, “If you want someone to grab a beer with, I may not be that guy. But if you want someone to get you home, I will get the job done, and I will get you home.”

Cheesy? Sure. Disingenuous? Maybe. But in the world of American, two-party politics, that might be our best bet.

I am not pledging my vote to Ted Cruz. My vote will be mine until Election Day. But if that day were tomorrow, I’d have made up my mind.

Five Reasons Why I’m Rooting for Ted Cruz

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