The Deadly Sins of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

I’ll start off by saying that I do not subscribe to a particular religion or envision a particular higher power. I’ve called myself an Atheist for years, but I am too certain that basic human morality occurs in an objective way to deny the existence of the world beyond the physical matter we are able to test in a laboratory. Label me what you will, but that’s where I stand. Maybe I’m a Deist like the Founders.

The devotion and faith of Bernie Sanders’ constituency compels me to think in theological terms when analyzing it. His massive rallies resemble Osteenian megachurches, and his supporters are adamant about the 74-year career politician being our only savior. This is ironic because his following seems to be made up of the most Atheistic people in the country. Godlessness has morphed into zealotry in these weird and wacky times.

This is no coincidence, though. The profusion of Communist and Socialist demagogues of the past century have all denounced religion or banned it if given the power to. Marx, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, and Kim Jung make this undeniable. Marxist ideologies require disregard for the God-given Rights of individual men, and, like many other non-Judeo-Christian faiths, command the needs of society outweigh the Liberty of man. Feel the Bern is the same tired, old story; the State fills the hole that religion leaves behind.

The following are five of the Seven Deadly Sins (which are not featured in the Bible, but are commonly correlated with Catholicism) that are easy to see sprinkled throughout the Bernie Sanders movement. This post is not meant to critique the character and goodness of every individual backer of Bernie Sanders. I’m just trying to make a few points, and have a little fun.



This sin is the ground zero of Bernie Sanders’ rise in popularity. The concept is that “millionaires and billionaires” are the enemy because they have so much. While many are inclined to go on and say and the rest of us have so little, that premise is absurd as global poverty rates continue to fall, hunger continues to be eradicated, lives continue to be lived longer, and the availability and quality of technology, food, and medicine is more prevalent than at any point in human history. While government regulation and taxation are certainly causing the market in the US to recover slowly and widespread welfare is robbing the people of their potential to save their own money, these are, covertly, times of plenty. But as long as the most successful among us remain successful, Bernie Sanders and Socialism are able to appeal to envy and point their guns at Americans who persist in their peaceful and productive pursuit of Happiness.

To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, Socialists would be happy to make the poor poorer, provided that the rich were less rich. They have no intention of making the world and lives of the people around them better. They just can’t stand being outperformed.


A quick look at Bernie Sanders’ lengthy (and fantastical) campaign promises shows just how greedy his followers have become. The have decided that they are entitled to healthcare, education, higher wages, mandatory paid leave, and enhanced Social Security at no expense to themselves. They use the word “free” to qualify these privileges, but any thinking person must realize they will be paid for by someone else.

This situation calls for an understanding of the distinction between Socialism’s implementation in Scandinavia and what Bernie Sanders vows to do in America via authoritarian measures. The Scandinavians supported Socialism collectively back in the 1970s (when they were already exceptionally prosperous and healthy thanks to their embrace of Capitalism throughout the 20th Century) and felt they would all be voluntarily paying into a welfare system for the betterment of society. The Scandinavian nations have since returned to market-based economics because of the documented failings of Socialism. There is no reason to question the intentions of the Scandinavians. They made a collective mistake, and they have since corrected it.

What Bernie Sanders’ disciples are doing is something wretched. As a largely youth-based movement, Sanders’ supporters feel as though they will not be chipping in. Being fully aware that working people will be the ones subsidizing their “free” stuff, their purely, self-centered greed is exposed.

These people are not politely asking for a helping hand like mature adults. They are demanding to have their cake and eat it too. They would make Gordon Gecko and Jordan Belfort proud.


This sin is synonymous with Democratic-Socialism. Rather than putting in the time and effort to make something of themselves, Sanders’ supporters would rather cast a vote every four years as a means of acquiring what they have convinced themselves they are entitled to.

While so many Americans set their priorities, sacrifice what they have to, and work their butts off for their entire lives to secure a financially sound future, many who follow Sanders believe they can take four years off between elections and simply cast a ballot for the candidate who will steal the most stuff for them.

Voting for what you want instead of working for it is the embodiment of sloth, and a sign of the moral decay of the American people.


While Bernie Sanders and his followers claim to have a monopoly on love, what they really want is to make the rich pay!

Wrath is not exclusive to the Sanders folks in this election cycle. Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, and whatever you call Trump’s backers are looking to quench their anger too. But while the latter groups want to punish cronies in Washington for using their tax dollars to bailout the banks and Wall Street and to fail at stimulating the economy, Sanders wants to punish the people who received the subsidies instead.

It’s sort of like getting mad at your little brother for eating a piece of candy your parents gave him after promising they would take care of it for you. The parents are the authority figures you put in charge of the candy. When they hand the candy to your a-responsible sibling, they are at fault, not your bro.

We can all empathize with wrath at the moment, but as usual, the Sanders crowd is dazed and confused.


Despite no life, work, or political experience, Bernie Sanders’ youthful devotees believe they know best how to organize society for the rest of us. They will heal the planet, they will care for the needy, they will design curricula, and they will manage our budget.

Typically, pride is associated with arrogance, and arrogance is typically associated with skill. And that’s what makes the pride of the Sanderistas so perplexing.

Who the hell do they think they are? How dare they support increased taxation of all Americans to fund their imagined Utopia!

This is the participation trophy generation in action. Their feelings were consulted before the facts, and this is the predictable result. There is no trace of humility to be found. Their pride is pure.

The Deadly Sins of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

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