The Real and, Dare I Say, Sophisticated Reason People Support Trump

I really hate all of the current presidential candidates. Cruz is my guy, but not because I’m in love with him or because I trust him. I agree with many of the words that come out of his mouth, and I think he genuinely believes that individuals have natural, self-evident, inalienable Rights that exist regardless of what the government or society claims. And certainty in those Rights are and will likely always be a deal breaking issue for me when voting for a president.

I don’t hate Trump as a person. I respect individuality, ruthlessness in business, and a lack of concern for the status quo’s approval. Trump is a product of the Freedom we exercise in America, and I’m proud that we are the only nation on Earth capable of producing a figure as flamboyant as him.

But I don’t want Trump to be president. He doesn’t care about the Constitution, he’s misrepresenting the philosophy of the right side of the political spectrum, he garnishes support from racists and anti-Semites, and nothing he says or does suggests he believes in those Rights I mentioned earlier.

Indeed, it would be convenient for all of Trump’s supporters to be violent, hateful, racist, bigoted, xenophobic, anti-Constitutional, unprincipled idiots. But that is simply not the case (though many of them undoubtedly fit the bill). In fact, there are a handful of strikingly legitimate reasons to support Donald Trump for president, and one, which is ugly on the surface, may be the most reasonable, righteous, and Constitutional of them all.

If you were getting a vibe that the reason I’m alluding to has something to do with immigration, Trump’s signature issue, you should trust your gut more often.

Ann Coulter published a book this past June called Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole. You might call that title a little over the top, but you’re reading a post on a blog called “How to Cure Your Liberalism”, so there is no room for political correctness or language policing here. I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet, but I’ve listened to enough of Coulter’s promotion of the expose to have a rough idea of the juicy tidbits it contains.

Donald Trump got an advanced copy of Coulter’s 11th title, and announced his run for the White House less than a month later. Minutes after taking the podium that fateful day, Trump made his notorious comments claiming that people being sent to America from Mexico are “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” To imagine that Adios, America, in which Coulter argues that immigration is the greatest threat to our way of life in America, had no influence on Trump would be absurd and naïve.

But it’s nonsense, right? There is no reason to imagine anything Trump said that day or since is at all founded in reality! Coulter is an evil liar and Trump is a bigoted idiot! This is just a display of the ugly part of the Republican Party announcing their lack of compassion and inability to tell right from wrong for all the world to see! Trump’s followers are laughable fools!

I wish that were the case, but tough people have to face tough truths. And right now, the fact of the matter is that the immigration situation in the United States has the potential to be uniquely disastrous (if it is not that way already).

Let’s get a few facts out of the way first:

  1. The United States accounts for 4% of the world’s population, but houses 19.8% of the world’s immigrants (no other nation accounts for over 5% of immigrants).
  2. The United States is one of two (Canada) developed nations that permits birthright citizenship, a policy that grants citizenship to all people born on US soil.
  3. Before Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act of 1965, America had a quota system which regulated the number of immigrants who could legally enter the country from each nation in the world.
  4. The Immigration Act eliminated national quotas for immigration, resulting in a less diverse demographic of immigrants with Asian and Latin American migrants making up a disproportionately high share of new Americans.

There is a narrative pushed by the media which claims immigrants actually commit less crime than native born Americans. This is true in a literal sense, but it’s not that simple. In an article in The Atlantic from July, writer David Frum provides an eye-opening critique of the misleading statistics used to support the aforementioned narrative. I don’t want to turn this post into a review of Frum’s article, so please take a look and decide for yourself.

Consequences of immigration aside for now, let us wonder who mass immigration benefits the most. We are often told to “follow the money”, and in this case, that conventional wisdom is applicable.

The beneficiaries of mass immigration are what most mainstream Americans would call (because they are brainwashed by Hollywood, the media, and academia) odd bedfellows: the Democratic Party and the superrich elite. Along with crime, poverty, and drugs, unchecked immigration brings a different precious resource to each of these groups.

For big business and the superrich, even the minority-pandering-to Bernie Sanders will tell you that migrants are a source of cheap labor. The rich hire maids, gardeners, and other servants at spectacularly low costs, and business people overlook workers with an American standard of living in favor of desperate laborers willing to work for peanuts.

As a free-market Libertarian, I don’t really care about that. According to my values at their most extreme, borders are a political myth, and people should be allowed to compete freely in the marketplace as long as they don’t hurt or defraud anyone or take their stuff. But from an objective, unbiased standpoint, it’s just silly to imagine that immigration from countries with a lower standard of living than ours will not deplete wages or acceptable working conditions. This is an especially true reality for uneducated and unskilled natives. Bringing talented doctors, businesspeople, and engineers into a country is one thing, but admitting swaths of people with no special skills is another. The problem is exacerbated by a penchant for employers to hire illegal immigrants off the books, or in other words, tax and accountability free.

And what’s the prize for the Democrats, you ask? It’s simple: votes. Since Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act of 1965, about 80% of non-citizen, immigrant voters have cast their ballots for donkeys. A majority of Hispanics in America, particularly non-natives, have voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election for the past 43 years.

Though it was not the case during the Cold War, as many Asian immigrants had had firsthand experience with the destructive and violent nature of Communism, Asians today lean heavily Democrat too.

And why wouldn’t immigrants vote for Democrats? Surveys suggest that immigrants as a whole favor Progressive policies such as Obamacare, nationalized healthcare, Affirmative Action, the bank bailouts, and the stimulus package, and have more trust in the federal government than native born Americans by a noticeable margin.

Excuse me for asking, but is it safe to say that immigrants coming to America are probably leaving countries that were less desirable to live in than America? If so, does it make much sense to trust the political opinions of the people who are responsible for building and developing the countries they are so desperate to flee? Maybe the natives of the successful countries should have their political opinions shown a bit more respect while people trying to reap the benefits watch and learn. That way we could be more of a melting pot, and less of a chunky stew.

While it’s clear that American workers and supporters of Conservative policies bear a disproportionate burden due to our immigration laws, there are other groups who should be concerned as well. One of those groups is the most tragic in American history and the most consistent victim of the Democratic Party: Black Americans. Democrats fought a war to keep blacks as their slaves, lynched them for a hundred years throughout the South, terrorized them in white masks as the Ku Klux Klan, segregated them from Whites through Jim Crow Laws, coax them into committing infanticide via Planned Parenthood, have chained them to the government through oppressive welfare programs, and now hand their jobs to immigrants who have no history or claims in America, let alone one of constant abuse at the hands of the Democrats. Just like the infamous the-black-guy-dies-first meme in cheap horror movies, a predictable casualty of mass immigration is Black America.

Immigrants, along with homosexuals and women, have also appropriated Affirmative Action and Civil Rights claims from Black Americans in a weird and, in my opinion, deeply offensive way. While I personally don’t support any form of reparations for Black Americans, believing these sorts of policies prolong misery instead of curing it, I am not willfully ignorant enough to say Blacks have something other than a uniquely treacherous history in the USA. Only Native Americans have been treated comparably poorly. But why do immigrants deserve anything? What about being born in Guatemala, Nigeria, or Pakistan makes an individual oppressed? Frankly speaking, if anyone is owed anything when immigration into America takes place, it’s the American people, the American Constitution, and the American way of life.

In addition to the current reality in America, think of the migrant crisis taking place in Europe. It’s lovely to think that millions of Muslim immigrants will enter the country, assimilate, become productive members of a Democratic, Liberal society, and everyone will sing Kumbaya. But, once again, this is the real world. Europe is doomed.

Donald Trump and his supporters are brash and often uneducated. It’s easy to brush them off as a horde of wackos in a fit of rage. But if voting in your own self-interest is a sane thing to do, and higher wages, less crime, lower taxes, and the preservation of Constitutional Rights are in your best interest, there is nothing crazy about what Trump’s supporters are vouching for. And if you want those same benefits and freedoms for your children, your family, your friends, all other Americans, and maybe one day the whole world, selfishness is not a quality I’m willing to label you with.

As for the Constitution, here are two of the 30 enumerated powers granted to the federal government by the US’s Supreme Law of the Land which can be found in Article I, Section 8. The first applies to legal immigration, and the second applies to the 11 million (or 30 million+ if you trust Ann Coulter more than Rep. Luis Gutiérrez) illegal immigrants currently residing on US soil:

  • To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;
  • To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

As I said earlier, I do not want Donald Trump to be the president. If he becomes the Republican nominee, I will probably vote for the Libertarian candidate or refuse to cast a ballot this year.

But let’s stop focusing on Trump’s character and soundbites and calling his supporters stupid. Let’s admit that they have a point, talk policy, and negotiate a solution before our country is torn apart.

The Real and, Dare I Say, Sophisticated Reason People Support Trump

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