Why I Might Vote for Donald Trump

I’ve said some harsh things about Donald Trump and his supporters in several blog posts over the course of the 2016 Republican Primary. I’m not taking any of it back.

For one, though I am coming around to the prospects of a Donald Trump presidency, I do not forgive his long-term acolytes for refusing to engage in well-reasoned debate or to at least question their infatuation with him. They have been as intolerable as if not worse than Bernie Sanders’ supporters in that regard, treating Trump as a deity (which he is not) instead of a politician with some fresh ideas.

Alas, they got their man. And it might be time for everyone who considers themselves Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Capitalists, Patriots, reasonable Democrats, and politically unaffiliated Americans who simply want a better life for themselves to rally around Donald Trump and keep the increasingly left-leaning Hillary Clinton out of the Oval Office.

My eyes are peeled awaiting the rise of Gary Johnson or another third party candidate with limited government tendencies. But if no one fills the void, I see no other option than voting for Trump.

Here are seven reasons why calling Donald Trump president might not be as bad as it sounds.

  1. He has a uniquely peaceful and sensible foreign policy

Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech prior to the Indiana primary was the most refreshing half hour of political talk I’ve heard all year. Trump stepped outside the lines of orthodoxy, and mixed a call for non-interventionism with a leverage-based approach to American involvement in global affairs and overwhelming military strength. There are ironic hints of speak softly and carry a big stick resonating from the most brash and bombastic presidential candidate our country has ever seen.

Here are some specifics from Trump’s professed foreign policy annotated by me:

  • We must reinvigorate our economy at home so we will be able to rebuild and strengthen our military
  • Nations that benefit from our military forces for their own protection abroad should contribute something in exchange for this service (particularly our NATO allies, most of whom do not hold up their end of the bargain on military spending)
  • When negotiating with foreign nations, we should be willing to “leave the table” instead of committed to making a deal (i.e. the Iran deal which Trump believes is a disaster)
  • When we make deals with nations abroad, we cannot be lenient if our partners fail to uphold what was agreed upon (Trump says that our “free trade” deals are not what they seem, and that our partners are ripping us off)
  • ISIS must be destroyed, but we have no business toppling dictators (like Saddam, Gadhafi, and Assad) and creating power vacuums for terrorist groups to fill (even the supposedly peace-loving Bernie Sanders wants to take out Assad)
  • We should be less predictable to our enemies in our military strategy (specifically, keep our plan to destroy ISIS a secret until it hits them in the head)
  • Regardless, our foreign policy should reflect American interests first (like the foreign policies of every other nation in the world and throughout human history)

The only real difference between Donald Trump and Ron Paul on foreign policy that I see is that Paul would have been restrained by the Constitution. Trump doesn’t seem to care as much, and that does send a nervous chill down my spine.

But overall, Trump is surprisingly dovish on foreign policy, particularly next to a hawk like Hillary Clinton. If you’re sick of America acting as the world’s police, it’s tough to dismiss Trump on international affairs.

  1. He has put forth a radically free market approach to healthcare reform

I suspect that #NeverTrump Conservatives and Libertarians are engaging in willful ignorance when it comes to Trump’s healthcare proposal. They are doing this because Trump’s plan is so ideal for supporters of Capitalism and Liberty that it would endear an even greater number of people to The Donald. As a political tactic to keep their constituencies away from Trump, The Donald’s committed dissenters keep his excellent healthcare plans hidden from public view. That’s what I think, anyway.

Trump’s 7 stated healthcare objectives are as follows:

  1. Obamacare and the individual mandate should be eliminated because no one should be forced to pay for healthcare (this is America for God’s sake)
  2. Healthcare providers should be better allowed to offer plans across state lines in order to lower costs (let the free market do its thing)
  3. Individuals should be allowed the same tax deductions for purchasing healthcare premiums as businesses, and a way to provide care for the truly needy must remain via Medicaid (The first part is a little over my head; the second goes against Libertarian dogma, but it’s closer to commonplace than outrageous)
  4. The use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), untaxed savings accounts which can be used to stash funding for healthcare costs by individuals for themselves and their family members, should be permitted, and transferrable to family members without a death tax as a part of the owner’s estate (finding new ways to help people keep their wealth in a responsible manner is always a plus)
  5. Healthcare providers must offer price transparency so customers know exactly how much they are paying for each procedure or service (if you have healthy joints and muscles, but heart problems run in your family, you can find a plan that best suits your personal needs without paying a premium for practices that don’t concern you)
  6. Remove federal overhead from Medicaid allocation so the states can focus on removing waste, fraud, and abuse (less bureaucracy; more state sovereignty; hang the middle man, particularly when he’s on the public dole)
  7. Better allow foreign pharmaceutical companies to sell their products in the US to combat the price-gouging cronyism local pharmaceutical companies engage in (Capitalism!)

I am no expert when it comes to healthcare or insurance, but I’ve had a hard time finding any real faults in Trump’s plan. If there’s something I’m missing (aside from the prospects of being able to implement the plan), please help me out. As of now, I’m all in on this system.

  1. He’s not really a protectionist, and he knows what he’s talking about

Libertarians and Conservatives have tried to paint Trump as a Protectionist, a believer in enhanced tariffs and regulations on foreign businesses to benefit domestic companies by reducing competition from abroad. Protectionism is a horrific economic practice. It limits the choices customers have, causes prices to rise, lessens the world’s ability to create wealth and jobs, and removes opportunities for the impoverished to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Bernie Sanders is a true protectionist. He has openly said that America should not trade with nations that do not provide working conditions comparable to ours. This is a naïve and dangerous policy that assumes poorer nations are capable of attaining our standard of living in the blink of an eye. In reality, being given the freedom to work through difficult conditions to improve their lot in life is the best prescription for curing global poverty America can offer. But Bernie Sanders is a Socialist moron who need not be taken seriously.

Trump is not a protectionist. It is not his belief that we should put up trade barriers with potential trade partners for the heck of it, but rather that we should negotiate fairer trade deals. Trump has been talking about this since the 80s. He does not say that we should not have free trade; he says that we do not have free trade. While we sell loads of foreign products on our shores, our partners violate agreements and make it impossible to sell our products on theirs. We drive plenty of Hondas, but Chevys are an uncommon sight in Tokyo. Trump implies that this is not because American products are low-quality or overpriced, but because hidden taxes and regulations make them artificially unaffordable.

In Trump’s view, this has caused our economy to grow stagnant, many of our jobs to be lost, and our wages to remain low.

Is Trump right? I don’t have the knowledge to tell you. But Trump has been consistent on this point for years, and we have not had a business-savvy president since he started talking about it. It is my belief that a workaholic billionaire like Trump has as much knowledge on this subject as any politician in Washington, and, guilelessly or not, I am beginning to take his word for it.

  1. He’d be a cultural breath of fresh air

Personally, I don’t need or want a “manly man” to be president. I’d prefer no president at all. I am perfectly capable of leading myself, and government (outside of the military, police, and the courts) is nothing more than a roadblock in my mind.

However, I am growing concerned that our feminized government and culture are sapping our toughness and sensibility out of us. It’s hard to imagine a more effeminate president than Barack Obama, and with more and more children being born without a father in the home, it’s time now more than ever for positive male role models to regrow our society’s spine. Trump is the definition of masculine, and young American men and women could use someone like him to look up to.

Trump is also an extremist in the battle against political correctness. While using foul language and profane messages is not what the pushback against political correctness is vouching for, and Trump is no stranger to that kind of communication, Trump also says what is on his mind without accounting for every individual and every instance that has ever existed in the history of mankind. The real issue with political correctness is that it disallows us from making controversial statements that need to be made and forces us to police our language for the sake of people’s feelings. Political correctness is intellectual terrorism, and through gross generalizations, tough truths, and a lack of regard for sensitivity, Trump is swinging the pendulum back towards rationality efficiently.

Let’s just hope that pendulum stops in the middle instead of swinging towards the thoughtlessly grotesque…

In addition, Trump has openly expressed admiration of Western values. With the advents of multiculturalism and secular humanism, the objective moral truths and cultural superiority of the West have been reduced to just another group of people’s way of life. This is unacceptable if you believe that the Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness of the individual are of supreme value. This is unacceptable if you believe in blind justice and due process. This is unacceptable if you believe that man has a Right to own property and to defend himself.

It is not unacceptable if you are a Cultural Marxist, a person actively attempting to force mankind to regress towards a state of Communism and serfdom because equality is more valuable than the lives of men.

It is time to defeat the Cultural Marxists once and for all before it is too late. Western values are superior, and it’s okay to say that. If we want to be altruistic, promoting and expanding Western values via leading by example is the best way to do so. We can only hope for a world in which all people are as free to believe and do what makes them happy as we are. And the fact that our Liberties are ever more rapidly being eroded should set off a not-so-silent alarm in all of us.

  1. He’ll probably tab Newt Gingrich as his running mate

Having been a Liberal myself up until about two or three years ago, I never imagined thinking the simple fact that Newt Gingrich may wind up on a politician’s side could earn that politician my vote.

Through the miracle of YouTube, I’ve come to know and respect Newt Gingrich over the past half year. He is one of the most brilliant and principled politicians I have ever had the pleasure of listening to, and there are few people I’d trust as leader of the free world more than Newt.

Trump has not announced his VP pick as of yet, but all signs point to Gingrich. That’ll do a hell of a lot to persuade me.

  1. He’d be better off not running for president

Donald Trump is a billionaire with a gorgeous wife and a wonderful family. Sure, Melania Trump is not the first person he’s been married to. But the lives of rich and powerful men should not be judged the same way as the lives of average folks. Joe the Plumber does not know what it is like to have infinite women throwing themselves at him or infinite men doing everything in their power to take from him everything he’s got. We’ve seen Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Larry King, David Letterman, Bill Clinton, and countless others succumb to their male instincts, and while their actions should not be glorified, few of us would have the will power to remain faithful in their shoes.

Having said that, Trump could do anything with his money and his life. His wonderful children are set to take over his empire, and Trump has the capacity to enter any endeavor he desires. Be it a new business venture, relocation to an exotic part of the world, or retirement, Trump has earned his financial freedom in this life.

Instead, Trump is fighting to take on one of the world’s most demanding positions and surely work himself to death. Why? Because he loves America and the American people. Pundits in the media have worked tirelessly to smear Trump as a power hungry narcissist with selfish or evil intentions. These assertions are laughable. While the world of American politics is a no-holds-barred insult-fest that we all have to become more aware of, any sincere belief that Trump is something other than a patriot who wants to make America great again is willfully ignorant or misguided.

Sacrificing oneself to society is sacrilege in Randian Libertarian ideology. Being more concerned with our own self-interests is the best way to make ourselves happy and to make society moral. But if you want nothing more than to see your compatriots thrive and enjoy their lives, you’re not really sacrificing anything by giving up your life of luxury to do what you think is owed to the people you love.

  1. He thinks Global Warming is a hoax

Donald Trump says he does not believe in Climate Change. He’s wrong, but only in a completely literal sense. The Earth’s climate is changing, and the average annual temperature is rising. There is no denying that. It’s also evidently clear that humans have contributed to this phenomenon.

However, no one is smart enough to be able to predict what the Earth will do decades/centuries from now, nor does anyone have a foolproof plan to heal the planet. Trump’s wisdom is on display when he chooses to not entertain discussions of Climate Change. Whether scientific, religious, or other, there have always been and will always be predictions of Armageddon and the end of the world. Man is burdened with awareness of his own mortality and the desire to justify his life. Fear-mongering and fretting over Climate Change is nothing more than today’s flavor of the week. Trump, like many veterans of life, is not falling for it.

By staying away from the issue of Climate Change and going as far as calling it a hoax, Trump ironically brings us back to Earth so we can focus on real issues that are within our control. As Obama and other equally arrogant world leaders sign symbolic environmental pacts, Trump undercuts their self-righteousness, and the crowd goes wild. We the People have more pressing issues to worry about.

I have not made up my mind about what I will do with my vote or whether or not I will promote a candidate or movement on the How to Cure Your Liberalism Facebook page and the blog you are reading. I would have preferred Ted Cruz to Donald Trump, and I hope a true Libertarian can somehow garnish enough support to make a legitimate run at the White House. But since Ted Cruz is out, and Libertarians are inherently unable to act as a political collective, I’m leaning towards Trump for now.

May God have mercy on my soul.

Why I Might Vote for Donald Trump

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