Why I Might Vote for Hillary Clinton

I’m not going to vote for Hillary Clinton. But if I had to, this is the only way I’d be able to rationalize it:

  1. Things are going to get worse before they get better

I am not an economist, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that things are ripe to get ugly soon. More and more Baby-Boomers are getting ready to retire, the college debt bubble could burst at any moment, and the world is still striving to adjust to a rapidly advancing technological era. The recent Verizon strike could be a grave foreshadowing of large swaths of human resources marching through the streets as they are replaced by more efficient and cost-effective means of production.

The protagonists of The Grapes of Wrath hated tractors and the other soulless farming equipment that made them expendable. Robotics and no-middle-man-required communication mechanisms could be just the tip of the iceberg of contraptions that drive a 21st century Joad family off of their property in search of work today.

If you’re thinking how the heck could this make you consider voting for Hillary Clinton?, I’ll let you in on a sneaky thought I’ve been having.

My belief is that the coming hard times are inevitable. While the irresponsible and unnecessary debt racked up by our last two presidents, the failure of Obamacare, our expensive yet futile nation-building in the Middle East, and the insanity of our student lending programs have certainly played a part, the coming crisis has been a forgone conclusion irrespective of our governments and policies.

Since it’s bound to be rough no matter what, we may as well have Hillary Clinton serving as the face of the times. Correlations between presidents and economic success or failure are often unfounded, but much of the public doesn’t realize that. I believe that Capitalistic policies are far-and-away superior to Socialist policies when it comes to giving individuals an opportunity to succeed and pursue their passions in life, so having a far-left Democrat like Hillary Clinton in power while Socialist policies fail to generate wealth and prosperity in America could serve as a guillotine to the neck of the Democrats and their principles (or lack thereof).

If a more Capitalistic president is in power as the global economy continues to stall, Leftist pundits and activists will be able to use economic stagnation as a way to smear the free market.

It’s not an intellectually honest reason, and I feel a little evil writing this. But if deviant means can justify desirable ends, it’s certainly something to think about. I am terrified of the idea of leaving my future up to the voting public because of how easily they can be fooled. Perhaps fighting fire with fire is the way to go.

Well, that’s it. I don’t have any other reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton, and I’m not going to.

Why I Might Vote for Hillary Clinton

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