Divided We Stand; United We Fall

I was still in middle school when two planes crashed into the World Trade Center and changed American life forever. I’m not going to claim to have been socially aware enough before 9/11 took place to reminisce about the good ole days, but I’m pretty confident in saying that American life was far more lackadaisical until the deadliest attack to ever occur on US soil.

One of many catch phrases that got us through the devastation of losing over 3,000 Americans to Jihad was united we stand; divided we fall. It’s a metaphor that makes sense… unless you think about it.

To be fair, if the sentiment were intended to suggest that standing together against Radical Islamic Terrorism would be preferable to risking being divided and conquered, I get it. An army needs to function as a single entity to defeat its opponents, not run around in an every-man-for-himself mode of attack.

But today, Globalism, centralized government, multiculturalism, standardized education, shared public works, universal, inclusive values, multinational corporations, worldwide media reports and outrage, and enforced equality of outcome are tearing us to pieces. Just look at the current state of politics. In the US, Nazi-like white supremacists are frighteningly on the rise. And the real kicker is that they are often the sympathetic, peaceful group under violent attack by the Sanders-ian Left. Black Lives Matter seems to have grown completely intolerant of law and order of any kind, and express openly racist and anti-American views. Progressive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is referred to as a right-winger, illegal immigrants are waving the Mexican flag in America in protest of Donald Trump, and Republicans are blamed for a homophobic massacre committed by an Islamist Democrat.

My assessment is that there are just too many cooks in the kitchen, or, perhaps, too many customers awaiting service at the same diner. We’re all individuals with individual needs, dogmas, and desires, and we can’t all fit on the same boat (not to mention that we don’t even want to).

It may not be fairy-tale-pleasant, and it will certainly decimate the worldview of many of today’s young hipsters. But the truth is that cultures are real, people are different, self-determination is more valuable than material wealth, and we will never unite the world’s peoples lest we participate in unthinkable evil and violence. And horrific means never justify theoretically improved ends.

It’s time to take a chill pill.

The first step in calming the world down took place via last week’s referendum on UK membership in the European Union which resulted in the people electing to “leave” in favor of national autonomy. Predictably, the opposition covered their ears and eyes when Brexit-ers spoke their rationale and launched pejoratives about stupidity and bigotry from their gaping mouths. But it’s the first step, and there will be growing pains.

I’m not exactly sure what needs to be done next. I know national, state, local, familial, and individual sovereignty are the aims, but how do we get there? Will Brexit initiate an organic rift of decentralization across the globe? Are the benefits of electing Donald Trump to stiff the Globalists worth the risk of putting an American Mussolini in charge? Is it time to simply exclude ourselves from the public and quietly vote our way to freedom?

The world is imperfect, and it always will be. Let’s get out of each other’s way, love our friends and families, and pursue happiness as we see fit. Divided, we each have a pair of legs to stand on, and the people in our lives to keep us upright when our knees get weak. But united, we just step on each other’s toes.

We’d better back off.

Divided We Stand; United We Fall

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