In 2016, Nobody Can Blame Anybody for Voting for or against Anyone

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: these candidates suck.

While a third and excellent option exists in Gary Johnson, it’s just a fact of life that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become president in January, 2017. And it’s depressing.

Trump is a waffling, belligerent, egotistical demagogue with some of the most stunningly stupid policy ideas in recent memory, and whose reasonable policies transform every time his lips move.

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, soulless career-politician who combines the economic illiteracy and Cultural Marxist values of the Socialist left with the dumbfounding, hapless persistence of the imperialistic, neoconservative right.

Our choices are essentially to risk our democracy, stability, and civil rights on a billion-dollar wildcard from Manhattan, or to maintain economic stagnation, reinforce the barriers dividing us by race, gender, and class, and continue to wreak havoc on the Middle East providing ample ground for increased terrorism with Bill Clinton’s wife.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

All I can say from surveying the scene is that no matter whom your compatriots decide to vote for, no one should take it personally at this point. If one’s conscious tells him he cannot support Trump and decides to vote against him, it should be seen as understandable. And we should empathize with the people casting a desperation ballot for Trump to stop Clinton as well.

And for those who are unfazed by the establishment’s calls for compromise in support of the lesser of two evils, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Our two party system will not last forever. You may as well participate in its inevitable demise at a time when history’s worst presidential options present themselves.

Possibly the most bizarre and disturbing phenomena of the current election is taking place around the newly displaced Bernie Sanders crowd. Unlike Sanders himself, a seemingly massive monolith of his backers are saying absolutely not to falling in line behind Hillary Clinton and the DNC establishment. The left-wing media is engaging in ethically questionable tactics to manipulate this lot into going along with the party, although their targets don’t seem to have any loyalty to the party of George Wallace to begin with. They are being told that in the real world you must forgo your convictions and support the agenda that will hurt the least. They are being told that for not supporting one candidate they despise, they will be at fault for electing another. Most foul of all, the establishment is trying to use Sanders’ diehards white guilt against them by chastising them as “Bernie Bros” who are acting sexist towards Hillary. Meanwhile, the loudest opposition to Clinton thus far seems to have come from Black Lives Matter and Black Men for Bernie. There is certainly some rationale behind what establishment Democrats are saying, but Sanders supporters who refuse to violate their conscious bear no responsibility for ruining Clinton’s and the Democrats’ chances of winning the White House. They are individuals who can vote for whomever they please. They are no party’s property.

My vote at this point will almost certainly go to Gary Johnson. I’ve tried my best for the past year to justify voting for Trump, but I don’t think I could live with myself if he actually went through with deporting 11 million immigrants and using the law to single out a religion with the help of my ballot. Johnson is far from an ideal choice for president, nor is he a great representative of Libertarianism. But he’s got lots of good ideas, and really no bad ones. I imagine that Johnson is the only candidate who would make the overwhelming majority of Americans happy in several regards.

To those who end up deciding Trump is the best available option for the country, or who vote for him in opposition to Hillary, I don’t blame you.

To those who end up deciding Clinton is the best available option for the country, or who vote for her in opposition to Trump, I don’t blame you.

To those who decide to vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party or Darell Castle of the Constitution Party, despite impossible odds of winning, I don’t blame you.

To those who write in an alternative candidate or choose not to vote at all, I don’t blame you.

To those who join me in supporting Gary Johnson as an alternative to Clinton and Trump, in general protest of the two-party system, or who actually believe in Liberty, individuality, and human Rights like me, I obviously don’t blame you.

Let us rejoice in our understanding of one another in being miserable about our next commander in chief. In 2020, we may not be so lucky.

In 2016, Nobody Can Blame Anybody for Voting for or against Anyone