The Best Reason to Vote for Gary Johnson

I recently wrote that I will not be blaming anyone for their vote come November. I can empathize with those who vote for or against Clinton or Trump (particularly the against votes), those who vote third party, and those who decide not to vote at all. And while I will not condemn my compatriots for voting their conscious or for using their Constitutional Right to suffrage strategically, I strongly believe that voting for Gary Johnson is the way to go for all decent Americans.

An obvious reason for this is that I am a Libertarian and personally like most of Gary Johnson’s policy ideas. I can’t and don’t want to hide the fact that I support free markets and free people, and that is the primary influence driving my support of the former governor of New Mexico.

For non-Libertarians, I believe that voting for Gary Johnson is the right thing to do too. This is because of a simple quality that distinguishes Johnson from Trump and Clinton: he’s not hated by the majority of the country.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have the highest unfavorable ratings of any two presidential nominees of the two main parties in American history. And, short of a miracle, America is generally going to hate its next president.

There is good reason for this. Trump is unprincipled, rude, ignorant, and has been on nearly every side of nearly every issue. While I’m relieved to see him begin to backtrack on his Muslim ban and proposal to forcibly deport 11 million illegal immigrants, many of his ideas remain scary and unconstitutional.

Clinton is dishonest, corrupt, selfish, and cringe-inducing. She has openly lied to the public about her e-mail scandal, the tragedy in Benghazi, and being under fire in Bosnia, and it requires willful ignorance to dismiss the crony relationship between the Clinton Foundation and her State Department. Additionally, she has adopted a large chunk of Bernie Sanders’ extremist progressive policies as a part of her platform. Americans are totally justified in saying they don’t want one or either of these individuals to be their commander-in-chief, and have moral cause to demand they not be included in one or either’s endeavors.

Electing a widely hated president puts our national security at risk as more and more individuals could lose their sense of civic duty and respect for the law. Does anyone think Conservatives will do anything less than spend the next four years undermining every action Clinton takes? Can you imagine the behavior Progressives will engage in if Trump winds up winning?

This is where Gary Johnson can save the day. And it’s not because Johnson is the type of man worthy of being called our fearless leader, our knight in shining armor, or some kind of messianic rectifier. It’s because everybody agrees with Gary Johnson in several regards. Democrats appreciate Johnson’s stance on immigration and civil rights, Progressives side with him on drug decriminalization, abortion, surveillance, and non-interventionism, and Republicans and Conservatives like Johnson on economics, healthcare, education, and guns.

If Gary Johnson becomes president, we all win a little and lose a little too. That’s life. Even many Libertarians are frustrated with Johnson who has little regard for religious Liberty, supports funding Planned Parenthood, and has suggested implementing a carbon tax. With Johnson, nobody has a king to worship, and everybody gets a comrade to battle with on several major issues.

Those on the left who feel Stalin just needed a few tweaks to make Communism work and those on the right who feel Mussolini wasn’t all that bad would likely be the only Americans completely out of luck with a President Gary Johnson. But as far as the rest of us go, there’d be lots to love.

The Best Reason to Vote for Gary Johnson

One thought on “The Best Reason to Vote for Gary Johnson

  1. […] Matt Lewis presents several theories for the Libertarian to Alt-Right “pipeline” in an op-ed for the Daily Beast. He first mentions that both groups “tend to be anti-interventionist in foreign policy.” That’s true, and it may also explain why many “Bernie Bros” turned out for Trump. I’ve recently mentioned that anti-interventionism is my top political priority, and Hillary Clinton’s ambitions overseas, particularly in Syria, are why I preferred Trump over her (though I voted for Gary Johnson). […]


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