Looking for Utopia? You’re Already Here

Fidel Castro is dead. Like so many before as well as after him, the Cuban dictator convinced enough of the population of his nation that the world they were living in was subpar. The world needed to be overthrown. Utopia was just beyond their grasp.

There is a reason the United States of America is exceptional. It is exceptional because its founding principles admit a self-evident truth. They admit that human Rights are negative, not positive. Man has no right to healthcare, nor does he have the right to an education. Declaring that man has a right to these luxuries insinuates that our fellow man must serve us, making us slaves to each other in turn. Positive rights are privileges we are entitled to receive from others for the involuntary accomplishment of being born, and no such rights exist. Our true Rights are negative, meaning they are innate and cannot be taken away. These include, but are not limited to, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. This means that a man who kills us without justification is wrong. This means that a man who forces us without justification is wrong. And this means that a man who stops us from seeking fulfillment, assuming it falls within the confines of respect for the Rights of our fellow man, is wrong too.

The Pursuit of Happiness is crucial because of how perfectly it is worded. We have no right to happiness, which would be absurd. We do, however, inherit the Right to quench our thirst, to seek the truth, to improve our conditions, to achieve excellence, to secure our futures, and to make our hearts content. This is the meaning of Pursuit. This is the objective of Life.

The real beauty of the Utopia we inhabit is imperfection. Without danger, there would be no need for safety. Without a changing environment, there would be no need for invention. Without boredom, there would be no need for fun. And without loneliness, there would be no need for love.

The misguided voyage towards Utopia that Castro, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, and so many others embarked on, the elimination of life’s problems, has been successful in one regard. It has brought about a solution to all of the imperfections of life by providing one common treatment. It has produced this treatment in greater abundance than all other causes in the 20th Century. The final solution these fools manufactured was death. Death is the man behind the emerald curtain of earthly Utopia.

And this is why all quests for Utopia must be rejected. Death is the only treatment that eradicates all ailments. And death must not be sought. Life is sublime, not despite, but because of its imperfections. Consciousness is the result of an eternal Pursuit of Happiness, and we stand on the shoulders of the giants who provided so many new and wonderful problems for us. Rather than throw away our beautiful problems, or leave them to the devices of others, each of us must own and nurture his problems as if they were his children. They need attention, care, patience, and time as much as any baby. We have been blessed with a true Utopia. And protesting for a false utopia can do little but endanger the one we already have.

There is no final solution. There are only more problems. And, while certainly no easy task, these problems, along with the endless task of solving them, must be cherished. Because problem is life, and life is beautiful.

Looking for Utopia? You’re Already Here

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