11 Bold Predictions for the Trump Years

Donald J. Trump will become the 45th president of the United States of America in a matter of hours. His proponents are enamored while his opponents are in hysterics.

Personally, I’m just happy Barack Obama will be out of office soon. The state of our economy, our foreign affairs, and our societal cohesion fall on Obama’s shoulders in many ways, and it’s time for a change. My delight at Obama’s departure is causing me to see the world’s future through rose-colored goggles, and I admit to being overly dismissive of the dangers Trump presents. However, the dangers presented by the left, which is in its death throes after losing all global power with Trump’s election and the Brexit, are more menacing in my opinion. So, it’s lesser-of-two-evils optimism for me.

I think making bold predictions is generally unwise, but I’m going to make a few anyway. Here it goes:

  1. If Donald Trump reverses his anti-free-trade agenda (or has simply been lying about it this whole time) and follows through on every other promise he’s made, both good and bad, the net result will be, as Trump would say, great. His greatest achievements will be in the economy and foreign relations. If Trump actually brings about protectionist policies, we will be on the road to Fascism or Communism, and our liberties and prosperity will hang in the balance until and long after he leaves office.
  2. Trump will not run for reelection in 2020 if things go well. He will endorse a more Libertarian and less populist Republican (most likely a woman), and that candidate will become president. If things go poorly, Trump will stay in power and retain the presidency through terrible means.
  3. Border security may be increased, but the Great Wall of Trump will never be built. Either way, illegal immigration will become less of a problem regardless of policy.
  4. Barack Obama will disappear. History will not treat him well.
  5. Trump’s opponents will tire themselves out sooner than later. Some will get on board with the administration; many will revert to apathy.
  6. Race relations will improve, and inner-city communities will take steps in the right direction.
  7. The national debt will not be addressed, but spending will either decrease or increase at a reduced rate.
  8. Climate Change will no longer be discussed regularly in the mainstream.
  9. Alternative media outlets will continue to rise, and mainstream media outlets will falter.
  10. Political Correctness will go by the wayside, and Conservative voices and points of view will become more commonplace in the media, arts, and academia.
  11. Millennial Americans will be the greatest parents the world has ever known, and will begin to raise American history’s best and brightest generation. Some of the children of Millennial Americans will walk on the moon and Mars, but that comes after 2020.

I’ll pull this up and see how I did in four years.

11 Bold Predictions for the Trump Years

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