Elementary Persuasion: Why No Evidence is Needed to Keep the Trump-Russia Story Alive

The Trump-Russia connection can never be disproved despite a lack of evidence. Here’s why:

1. Governments, especially the federal government of the United States of America, use propaganda and other tactics to influence elections and other Democratic activity all over the world. A well-known and recent example of this is former president Barack Obama threatening to put the UK at the “back of queue” on trade deals if they voted to leave the EU. This is far from the only instance of nations attempting to influence election outcomes abroad.

2. During her 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton vowed to establish a no-fly zone over Syria and to form an international coalition to take out Syrian president Bashar al Assad. Russia had already aligned itself with Assad in the Syrian Civil War, and had been using its military to resolve the conflict (a feat they seem to have all but accomplished at this point). A no-fly zone would have essentially been the US telling Russia that if they do not follow the US’s orders on engagement in Syria, the US would take military action against them. And regardless of Russia’s activity, the US planned to take down their ally Assad.

3. Then-candidate Donald Trump had expressed interest in the US befriending Russia during his 2016 campaign, and also said he opposed regime change in Syria. He openly proclaimed that if Russia wanted to handle the situation in Syria, we should happily allow them to do so. Trump has spent 30 years criticizing American foreign policy, and has, for now, expressed opposition to US interventionism and instead focus on our own national security (“America First”). He believes other nations should be picking up more of the slack instead of depending on the US all the time.

4. The Democrats and other parties with an invested interest in President Donald Trump’s demise do not simply claim that they are outraged over Russia allegedly hacking the DNC or other establishments within the United States. Their real beef is that Russia allegedly hacked the DNC and released information to Wikileaks (such as the John Podesta emails) with the intent of helping Trump defeat Clinton in the election. The grievance is less about US national security, and more about Russia’s opposition to Hillary Clinton and favoring of Donald Trump.

CONCLUSION: The opposition to Trump will never have to present evidence that Russia actually hacked the DNC and leaked what they uncovered, but will still be able to persuade people that there is a sinister connection between the two. Since it is commonplace for nations to attempt to influence elections to their own advantage, and since Russia would be reasonably acting in its own self-interest by desiring Trump to defeat Clinton, Trump and his team cannot deny the fact that Russia favored Trump over Clinton. The opposition to Trump only has to hint at the obvious to prove that Russia favored Trump.

Nothing could be easier than proving that a nation favored your opponent when you openly vowed to kill their friend and threatened them with war. No evidence will ever be needed to keep this story alive.

Elementary Persuasion: Why No Evidence is Needed to Keep the Trump-Russia Story Alive

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