A 5-D Chess Trumpian Fantasy

Trump, who I didn’t vote for but have given a long leash, has lost me in recent weeks. His resounding endorsement of Ryancare threw me off, especially after he attacked the anti-establishment Freedom Caucus for opposing it. I’m also disappointed by the carelessness with which he wastes taxpayer money on his weekend golf outings in Florida and the nepotism with which he allows his daughter and her spouse to get creepily close to executive matters.

But nothing has made Trump uglier in my eyes than his stunning reversal on Syria, namely a missile attack launched against one of Bashar Al-Assad’s air force bases after an alleged chemical attack by the elected Syrian president.

Just before the 2016 election, I pleaded with my fellow American voters not to vote for Hillary Clinton for the simple reason that she sought regime change in Syria and a no-fly zone over the country. In my opinion, there is no greater threat to peace and prosperity in America than another pointless attempt at creating democracy in the Arab world.

You can read what I wrote here.

You can read Trump’s 2013-2014 tweets about Syria (all of which I agree with) here.

You can watch a quick video describing the conspiracy theory that Assad’s “chemical attack” was actually a hoax (a theory I find overwhelmingly persuasive) here.

Trump now has essentially zero support. Here is a little breakdown for you:

General Opposition Before Missile Strikes

-Establishment Democrats

-Establishment Republicans

-Genuine Leftists


-Hardline Conservatives

-Most Moderates and Independents

-Elites in media, entertainment, academia, etc.

Additional Opposition (or at least disenchantment) After Missile Strikes

-All Libertarians

-Members of his base who believe in Trumpism

-Cynical Leftists

Support After Missile Strikes

-A few (very few) members of “Clear Opposition Before Missile Strikes” group

-“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody” voters

-GOP shills and hacks

-The Trump family (I think)

There is only one thing Trump can do to get his supporters back on board and also grow his base. It’s not going to happen, but here it goes.

Trump could come out and say that the deep state mislead him on the chemical attacks. He could say that he was right about Syria all along and that our intelligence agencies, the media, globalist entities, and establishment members of both parties tricked him into going against his promise to stay out of the Syrian Civil War. He could apologize for making a mistake and blame “The Swamp” for using his compassion for the children of Syria against him. He could endorse the conspiracy theory his base believes and return to the America First warpath.

Not only would the people who voted and “dank memed” Trump into the White House be fully re-energized, but others would be on board too. Every Libertarian in the world, even the most Trump-skeptic and left-leaning, would be unable to resist such a move. Leftists and Progressives of the Noam Chomsky school of thought would be beyond impressed. Minority groups, who are especially dubious of our government and its wars, would see Trump as an honest hero. The president would have the entire anti-Clinton underground to lead to the promised land.

The chances of this happening are non-existent. But on the verge of another eternal war in the Middle East, fantasy comes in handy. I guess Nietzsche was right.

A 5-D Chess Trumpian Fantasy

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