The Truth About Trumpcare

Lots of misinformation regarding the American Health Care Act has been circulating throughout the internet and news media. So I decided to read through the entire bill for myself to see what’s really inside.

What I found terrified me to my core.

Here are some of the most gruesome provisions inside the GOP’s evil new “healthcare” law:

  • Illegal aliens caught attempting to cross the border will have their organs harvested and preserved as transplants for the top 1/10th of 1% of richest Americans exclusively
  • Women’s uteri will be forcibly removed, thrown into a pile, and burned while white men dance around it like Indians
  • Children will be taught creationism in public schools, and referring to “evolution” will result in a lifetime ban from accessing medical services of any kind
  • Michelle Obama’s school lunch program will be converted into an all beans lunch with the hope that increased flatulence will speed up Global Warming
  • People with preexisting conditions will be pointed and laughed at
  • Trump University will be accredited as a medical school and will receive $646 billion in annual federal funding (this will be paid for by eliminating Medicare)
  • Johns Hopkins will be renamed Bannon Putin
  • Doctors who treat Muslims, Jews, Blacks, or LGBT individuals will have their licenses permanently revoked
  • The Department of the Gynecological Arts will be founded and overseen by head OB/GYN, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
  • Art will be made illegal unless it explicitly honors Ivanka Trump (this one isn’t even related to health care!!!)

It is clear that this bill goes too far. We must resist by calling our representatives in the Senate and telling them to vote “no”. We must resist by holding a March for Healthcare. We must resist by screaming profanities. We must resist by exposing ourselves in public. We must resist by writing long, vacuous, inaccurate Facebook posts and sharing them. We must resist by donating money to the Democratic Party. We must resist. We are the resistance. We are the resistance.

The Truth About Trumpcare

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