How #HerEmails Pardon Political Hacks

As I wrote in my most recent post, I did not gnash my teeth over Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. I think she technically broke the law, but I don’t think any real damage was done. Indicting Hillary would have meant indicting a lot of people (including former President Barack Obama), and I don’t blame James Comey for advising against further inquiries. It was too small a transgression to warrant the collapse of the federal government (as fun as that sounds).

What I assume to be the vast majority of American Republicans were not on the same page as me (which makes sense since I am a Libertarian). They mentioned the email scandal as often as possible and spent a vast sum of resources on what was nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt. I do not buy the notion that a great many of them sincerely believed that Hillary’s error put our nation at risk. They saw an opportunity to take down a political opponent, and went all in.

The Constitution of the United States of America refers to Democracy a grand total of zero times. And I am not a believer in Democracy myself. Democracy is a great danger to liberty, not a sign of its existence. A government with a strictly limited role in society is the only kind of government that I trust to effectively let freedom ring.

As I am not enamored with the Democratic process, I forgive those who use dirty and dishonest tactics to prevent a prospective leader that they hate from gaining power over them. The Republicans used every persuasive tool in the book to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House, and they succeeded.

But by making such a fuss over Hillary’s emails in such an obviously politically motivated manner, Republicans invited their opposition to do the same when Donald Trump took over.

Now, I cannot blame Democrats and others opposed to Trump for their unending hysteria focused on impeaching him. I’m beyond disgusted by the way #TheResistance has been acting, but I can’t blame them for doing it.

And this does not make me a moral relativist. I am not saying that just because someone else does something wrong, you may do something wrong too. In real life, it doesn’t matter how terribly those around you act. You are still responsible for respecting the lives and liberties of people other than yourself. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

But politics is ugly and laced with evil. It’s not like real life. In real life, gaining power requires skin in the game. You must sacrifice to move up the ladder. Politics comes down to pointing a gun at people or checking a box on a ballet. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain for those in or seeking power positions. Therefore, it is unfair to make moral judgments under the same scrutiny in life as in politics.

If you are afraid of Trump, hate Trump, think Trump is unfit to be the president, and/or are a DNC hack, and you are promoting nonsensical hysteria to see that Trump is somehow removed from office regardless of the long term consequences, I don’t blame you. This is what our politics has become.

However, if you actually believe that trying to improve relations with the Russians is a bad idea and that pulling another Iraq War in Syria is a good idea, I think you are stupid and possibly guilty of having a God complex. You can’t learn, you don’t reason well, and you believe you and your country possess capabilities that do not exist. And I pray that you never have power over me or anyone else.

How #HerEmails Pardon Political Hacks

One thought on “How #HerEmails Pardon Political Hacks

  1. allock says:

    The last paragraph implies that Trump is trying to improve relations with Russia and that there is any indication that he is pulling out of Syria. Neither is true.


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