Birth of an NPC Hate Mob

It was perfect: white, male, MAGA-hat-wearing, pro-life, Catholic school teenagers mocking and harassing an elderly, Native American Vietnam Veteran. The Gods of grievance studies, the Democratic Party, and Socialism had combined their omnipotence to deliver the video exemplifying toxic masculinity and white supremacy in Trump’s America to end all videos exemplifying toxic masculinity and white supremacy in Trump’s America. The Donald, Capitalism, and freedom of association would now be defeated in one fell swoop.

Unfortunately for some, the initial video in question, like most videos, neglects crucial and extenuating context.

In the video that went viral on Twitter, a lone Native American man can be seen banging on a drum and chanting a Native American hymn or song. Directly in front of him stands a white teenager in a MAGA hat. The teenager, whose face is terribly punchable, remains still with an irritating grin plastered on his mug. Surrounding these two are dozens of other teenagers bouncing, cheering, laughing, and clapping to the rhythm as well as some individuals who appear to be with the Native American man.

The clip spread online with captions and explanations suggesting that the boys had instigated the situation. The man was identified as Nate Philips, a Vietnam war veteran, and the boys were identified as pupils of Covington Catholic High School, which is in Kentucky.

It was at this point that a hate mob was born, and all the usual suspects latched on to the conglomeration. Obviously, left-wing identitarians, woke celebrities, blue check marks, and anti-Trump radicals pushed the hardest, but cowardly Conservative pundits and journalists joined in too.

Next came doxxing and explicit threats of violence towards the boys and platitudes of admiration for Mr. Philips. What never came, at least out of the burgeoning NPC mob, was skepticism. I guess some realities are just too convenient to question.

More video of the situation began to emerge, and it became clear to anyone willing to open their eyes that the situation was far more complicated than the mob would permit for consideration.

One video shows that it was Philips who approached the boys, not the other way around. As the boys shout their alma mater wildly, something teenage boys (who are stupid) tend to do, Philips can be seen walking towards them with his drum:

As one student who was present explains, the boys’ initial thought was that Philips was making “a cultural display,” and they decided to join his chant. They then became “confused” after sensing hostility on Philips’ part:

Enter the boy with the most punchable face in America. I do not know this young man’s name, and I wouldn’t share it if I did, but he is in dire need of some sympathy. Simply for wearing a MAGA hat and having a face that only a mother could love, an awkward young man is being called a hateful bigot and other horrid things I’d rather not repeat.

What is it that he is being accused of doing? Not using his fists. Not using his words. Not using his middle finger. He is accused of smiling and standing still and having evil in his heart. Smiling and standing still are not contemptible acts, and nobody knows what is in another’s heart.

I don’t know who you are, young man, but God bless you and stay strong. And grow a mustache as soon as possible.

If Nate Philips were someone else, I would have a major bone to pick with him. But based on the interview below and his disputed recounting of the event (he said he heard chants of “build that wall” but no evidence of this exists and also claimed punchable face boy blocked him from moving forward and from retreating, which is absurd), I must assume that he is not completely with it:

Philips is a man and is responsible for his words and actions, but The Washington Post is the real villain here. Instead of reporting on what the video evidence suggests, they simply quote Philips’ version of the story. This is despicable, but it’s also journalism in 2019. So what do you expect?

If anyone is to be called a bigot here, it’s a group of black Isrealites who shouted conspiracy theories and racist and homophobic epithets at the Covington boys, though simply ignoring them is likely the better way to go. Against my own advice, here is a longer video of the confrontation with the black Isrealites taking center stage about four and a half minutes in.

Instead of white supremacists inspired by President Trump treating a Native American serviceman like garbage, we have some dumb boys (redundant) having fun and being smeared by a psychotic gang of silly adults.

The anti-Trump mob is not interested in facts or reality. They will not get over their electoral college loss from over two years ago, and they will be happy to ruin lives for the sake of misguided vengeance until someone else is commander-in-chief. I predicted this would last a few months after Trump was elected, but I was wrong.

Something can be done about this. But because the mob is spreading the fake version of this story with chilling haste, I do not know what it is at the time of publication.

Buy gold, ammo, and canned food, and, for the love of God, share this post!


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Birth of an NPC Hate Mob

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