I’m Glenn Verasco. Welcome to my blog.

I am a former left-winger turned Libertarian. I post essays on current events, politics, culture, and whatever else pops into my head.

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  1. Leonard says:

    In your Apr 23 2017 article “The Paradox That Prevents Peace” you identify tribalism as the cause of the paradox. I agree that tribalism causes polarization and friction and that it is a deeply rooted human trait that predictably causes reactionary hatred. But I think there is something even deeper, something that I am beginning to think is an even more deeply rooted human trait, and that is that most people stubbornly refuse to think for themselves. And that causes tribalism in the first place. It’s much easier and more enticing to let some external entity to do their thinking for them, and it manifests itself as groupthink, mobs, canned ideologies, cults, and more generally a “I chose this external thinking and you chose that external thinking” polarization.

    Nobody likes to think that they are not efficatious in their thinking. That’s pretty important and fundamental because we’re a thinking species. So when one ideology is confronted with a significantly different one, each tries to defend their groupthink. They don’t want to think that the basis of their thinking (the external groupthink), what they are essentially, is defective.

    To begin to introduce more peace in the world, more individual thought has to infiltrate the ubiquitous group mentality. Look how afraid the totalitarians and authoritarians of all stripes are of the Internet allowing more freedom.

    At the same time people have to be made aware that individuality does not preclude people cooperating with each other whenever they so choose. Nothing is stopping them from doing so. But to reify and coerce group interaction and lockstep thinking just invites trouble. It’s against a fundamental tenet of human nature which is the desire for self ownership and self control.

    Everywhere where groups are involved there is conflict. Religions are perhaps the worst, then social ideologies, then political ideologies manifested as nation states. Each group has it’s own traditions, beliefs, law systems, etc.

    How about a basic framework of nondiscriminatory law that outlaws the initiation of force, fraud, and physical harm. The libertarian NAP, which is what the USA constitution and Bill of Rights attempted to do for the first time ever, resulting in the freest and most prosperous nation ever.

    But the breakdown of tribalism must start with the eroding of groupthink via the introduction of cooperative individualism.


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